It's official, study after study in the field of positive psychology is telling us what the Bible has said for 2,000 years. The keys to being deeply happy are eight key qualities. The happiest people…


1. Are grateful, teachable, and humble

2. Have processed their mistakes, wounds, pain, and losses

3. Have developed impulse control and use their emotions to fuel and enjoy life

4. Pursue their dreams and positive purpose with diligence

5. Are forgiving, non-judgmental and gracious

6. Think positive, beneficial, constructive thoughts rejecting unethical, and selfish thoughts

7. Savor each day, harmonize with the people around them, and do not attack others

8. Set boundaries for themselves and others and sacrifice to protect those boundaries


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In our post-modern world, women may assume many roles in their life: leader, employer, Christian, mother, volunteer, politician, and so on. One of those roles that many women choose to embrace is wife. But becoming a wife is more than getting married. God says that to take on the role of wife is to be in a position of immense power (1 Peter 3:1-6). It is the power to change people in positive directions, starting with a husband and radiating out through children and into the community. We realize that the role of wife has been diminished in the past because of the suggestion that wife and mother are the only two roles women can play.



Discover how to attain a healthy, peaceful, and joy-filled marriage by learning and applying the principles of God’s Radical Plan for Wives. This study is ideal for any woman interested in having a godly marriage—engaged, newlywed, currently married, remarried, or even divorced. Whether you are younger or older, married for one year or thirty, we are confident you’ll experience positive changes in your marriage by engaging the materials in this workbook.


Daily Devotions with Dr. Gil

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Just wanted to let you know that I have really gotten a lot out of your "Breakfast with Jesus" devotions. They have been an amazing addition to my morning time with God. I appreciate getting them! 

Thank you!  Tim


Gil I am so glad you have started this series!  I am looking forward to my coffee with Jesus every morning!   Cindy


Today's was "one of your best!!"  Thanks... and IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) this series and format of "Breakfast With Jesus" has been very well done.   Don

"Life is Relationships"

Principles to Live By seeks to be a clear voice for God's principles of life. God has principles for every area of life that will result in a new quality of life if followed. God has sent His Son Jesus Christ to be a sacrifice for our sins so that we might enjoy the wonder of eternal life. (John 17:3)


It is amazing that many Christians are living in spiritual proverty, not enjoying the fullness of the Christian life. Principles To Live By seeks to bridge that gap with practical, biblical, and compelling presentations of the truths of God's Word.


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