Embrace the Pain

I hate pain. Emotional pain. Physical pain. Relational pain. Family pain. When I am in the gym, I know pain in my muscles will help me, but

Maintaining a Healthy Attitude at Work Series. Part 2—Helpful

I'm so glad to be back and thank you for joining me for Part 2 of my series on Maintaining a Healthy Attitude at Work, which can be very challenging for many of us. The first H-factor was Happy, which you can read about by clicking HERE. Now let’s take a look at the second “H” factor in the progression for keeping a healthy work attitude. The second perspective is the word HELPFUL. The point of this perspective is to try not to be an island unto yourself. We can do our jobs and at the same time help others with their duties. The idea is to intentionally reach out to others, but without thought of any “quid pro quo” or hope for payback. This will fulfill the law of Christ and will actually br

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