Breakfast with Solomon - Proverbs 21:23

"He who guards his mouth and his tongue, guards his soul from troubles" One of the quickest and surest ways to get in trouble is to say things you shouldn't say. We live in a culture that seems to believe that if you think or feel something, it has to be said. Nothing could be further from the truth. We need to wrestle our tongue until it is under control and it only moves at the impulse of wisdom. What is amazing is that our tongue helps manipulate air as it passes out of our mouth, and yet it can give our soul incredible blessings or incredible grief. The older that I get, the more I learn that my slips of the tongue and expressions of my feelings are not welcome nor wanted in most places.

Breakfast with Solomon - Proverbs 20:23

"The fear of the Lord leads to life, so that one may sleep satisfied, untouched by evil" fear of the Lord The Hebrew word for fear is yare, which actually means fear or being afraid. It came to mean having a reverence for God that grew out of the realization that there was a personal Supreme Being that was either pleased or not pleased with everything you did. We are not the gods of our own universe. There is a God who watches what we do and has declared that we should stay within certain boundaries and act in certain ways. The fear of the Lord is the realization that we do not want God to be displeased with our life, our choices, our words, our actions. When we live our life with the reali

Love and Connection

From the moment we come out of the womb into our mothers’ arms, we immediately make a connection and feel love. As we progress throughout ou

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