For most people, there comes a time when you do not have the answers or resources you need for the challenges you face. PTLB Counselors can help you to work through a wide variety of issues like marital and pre-marital issues, blending families, step parenting, conflict resolution, communication, and more. We will equip you with biblically based counseling, along with over 50 years of pastoral and real-life experience.

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Holly Smith Eaton


Holly has been trained and educated in therapeutic psychological counseling as well as Biblical theology and spiritual warfare. She has personal experience and extensive practice in counseling those who have been traumatized by a spouses’ infidelity, and with those who have been sexually, emotionally, verbally, or physically abused.

Holly is a certified facilitator for SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) Pre-marital and SYMBIS+ Marital Assessments, the most comprehensive and effective pre-marital and marital tools for couples considering marriage or remarriage or married couples experiencing difficulties in their marriage.


Holly has a great capacity to listen empathetically and discern the needs behind the words to address the deeper issues of the soul. Beyond her clinical education and training, she brings the wisdom of God to her clients in a genuine, caring manner. So often our current struggles are linked to old wounds, to outmoded survival skills that we adopted in traumatic situations, or to patterns we learned in childhood. Holly is skilled at getting to root causes and gracefully working through painful events as the Holy Spirit leads, facilitating lasting healing.


She also has a knack for uncovering unconscious false beliefs to address what’s actually behind those automatic reactions that hinder personal peace and relationships. She empowers clients to reign over their feelings and to experience God’s design for their lives. She is able to be both tough and tender as she brings insight, along with solid, godly teaching, guidance, and encouragement to women, couples, and families.


Holly offers premarital and marriage counseling, parenting, fostering and adoption advice, and Biblical, therapeutic help for:

  • abuse and trauma

  • fears and phobias

  • broken or difficult relationships

  • unhelpful emotions and beliefs

  • unhealthy patterns

  • family dynamics

  • grief and loss 

  • divorce recovery

Fees: $135 for 90 minutes.

Scholarships are available on an as-needed basis. 

More about Holly Smith:

Born in Baltimore, Holly attended Towson University and then graduated in 1975 from Bethel University in Arden Hills, MN, with a BA in Theatre Arts and continued as a performer, student, and an instructor of theatre for decades. She has taught all ages, and has performed and counseled all over the world. She has an uncanny ability to make Biblical concepts understandable to both children and adults, on stage as well as in the counseling office. She worked for an international adoption agency and for churches, Christian colleges, and para-church organizations her entire adult life. In 2000, as Holly was surviving a season of devastating personal circumstances, she earned her MA in Clinical Pastoral Counseling at the MN Graduate School of Theology. Years later, she married artist and musician, Dave Eaton, and moved to California, where she served on the staff of Bayside Church of Granite Bay. There, she was a Clinical Pastoral Counselor from 2005 until 2010, when she went into private practice. Holly brings a wide range of gifts and experience to PTLB.  “Through it all,” she says, “I am especially grateful for the ways I have watched God ‘over-redeem’ what the enemy meant for evil in my life.”


Holly is the mother of four adult daughters and the delighted “Mema” of sixteen fabulous grandchildren (some biological and some adopted from foster care). Holly is pleased to join the staff of PTLB and serve with such creative, dedicated people of integrity.



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Holly Eaton is an exceptional therapist. I really appreciate her delicate, authentic and truthful approach.  And that she invites the Holy Spirit to lead the direction for the need of the day. Sometimes the need is digging in on an issue, calling out some disruptive beliefs or talking about a health issue that is causing depression. She sincerely cares about her clients for their good and welfare. Thank you Holly! —J.B.



Hopeless to hopeful!! Holly, you have gently started me on a journey to finding hope in my marriage by sharing godly and professional wisdom, by providing tools to use "in the moment of frustration" and by approaching my complicated family relationships with such care. I am so very thankful!!!! —SW



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