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Breakfast with Solomon - Proverbs 8:26

"While He had not yet made the earth and the fields,

nor the first dust of the world"

Solomon wants to emphasize the point that God, during the planning process for the universe, evaluated all the possible worlds and options using wisdom to decide how He would have the world unfold. He decided that those choices and options that would give Him glory and allow people to win would be the ones that obtained reality. He could have made any kind of world. But He made this one.

Everyone must have a theory about how the universe and our world got here. That theory controls the way you live. If you believe that the universe just randomly happened and is the result of accidental mutations with no guiding purpose, then you will live your life like a random accident or like you are the god of this life you have. If, however, you realize that the universe we live in is too complex, too planned, too designed, then you will seek to live your life with wisdom and planning like the One who designed the universe.

If everything is random and chance, then wisdom is folly. But if wisdom comes out of the very essence of the being who planned and created this universe, then we should do as He did and use wisdom and planning for our lives.

Stop and think through your day today. What will you do this morning? How can you be wiser in your choices and actions this morning? What things shouldn't you do that you will probably have the opportunity to do? What things could you do that will significantly bless others, God, and even yourself?

What are you planning to do this afternoon? How can you be wiser in your choices and actions this afternoon? What should be done to get ready for a great afternoon? Is there anything that you are planning that you should cancel? If you were really to be wise, is there anything that you should add to this afternoon to get ready for the weekend or some upcoming event?

This verse says that God spent considerable time in the process of planning, using wisdom. Embrace this idea: everything goes better with wise planning.

Until tomorrow,

Gil Stieglitz

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