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Breakfast with Solomon - Matthew 5:9

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God"

The quality of being blessed is further enhanced in our lives by being those who seek for peace and make peace where it does not exist. Many times we think that blessedness will come from our getting our own way, but this is not the case. There is a larger flow in the universe than just our wants and desires. There is God's perfect will and His permissive will.

People all around us are fighting for their own way and are in conflict with the people and organizations around them. This constant selfish war destroys the potential of their lives and moves them from the blessed life they seek. Being singularly selfish does not result in blessing as many think. Being a peacemaker does – being one who invests and digs for the win, win, win scenario. How do I invest in the other person so that we can have peace between us? What will it take for them to feel as though they have won and are completely pleased with the journey and the end? It is this kind of question that will result in blessedness.

When a person does not seek their own profit but instead seeks God's glory and other's profit, then they will be called Sons of God. People recognize that you are connected with God when the profit of others is clearly in your purpose.

Jesus goes on in the Sermon on the Mount to describe second-mile investments in order to bring about peace; turn-their-other-cheek investments in peace; give-him-your-cloak-also investments in peace. In each of these cases the person could force you to do something, but Jesus says to go beyond what you must give and give more to remove the bitterness and anger that may build in your heart. Make peace with the other person at a deeper level in that you do not hold any animosity toward them.

Are there people in your life right now who are forcing you to do something that you don't want to do; maybe it seems unfair? Go even beyond this and give them second-mile commitment (do not do that which is illegal or immoral). Instead of pulling away from these commitments, move towards them.

I have watched many teenagers struggle to get independence and freedom as they are growing up. Often they become secretive and rebellious in attitude in order to gain more freedom. The desired result does not happen. The more secretive and rebellious they become, the more controlling and dominant their parents become. The key to making peace in these situations is to move towards their parents. What is it that their parents want? Give that and more and they will soon find that they have all the freedom they could have wanted and more. Once parents realize that their teenagers will act like they would in the situations of their life, they will increasingly take the clamps off. But if they insist on ignoring their parents’ advice and blowing past their boundaries, then it is clear to them that they are not responsible enough to be given more freedom.

When an employee gives more than is required, they are creating peace between themselves and their employer. When the employer realizes that this is an employee that they do not have to drag the time and work out of, then promotions, raises, and new opportunities are freely given.

Until tomorrow,

Gil Stieglitz

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