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Leading a Thriving Ministry: 10 Indispensable Leadership Skills


  • What skills are essential if I am to become a significant leader for God? 
  • What do I have to learn beyond godliness to impact dozens and even hundreds of people for Christ? 
  • Wouldn't it be great if I could learn in a condensed form what is involved in leading my ministry with a higher level of effectiveness?


Men and women hunger to be strong Christian leaders. Churches and ministries are screaming for leaders, but nothing happens. Leadership is more than just want to. It involves the artful use of certain skills to get people, groups, and organizations moving forward. This book focuses leaders on what is indispensable and essential in leading churches and ministries.


Learn the basic skills needed and how to apply your use of them so that they will show up in your ministry environment. I have watched so many ministry leaders spend their time, energy, and passion on the wrong things and never fully realize their potential as leaders. Yes, there are other leadership skills than those mentioned in this book, but these are the core skills that highly-impacting leaders master.


Available in paperback and ebook at

Leading a Thriving Ministry

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