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Something is not right about our universe....


On the surface, it seems that our world is a straightforward place, where doing right is rewarded and doing wrong is punished. Every person should have a chance to live a beautiful life—for freedom, peace, and safety. But there is something else going on that seeks to destroy this simple process of life.


But there is a fly in the ointment...a toxic presence that is thwarting our plans. Evil has entered our world, and it is growing and personal. It is unpredictable, spontaneous, seemingly random, and vicious past any motive.


  • Why is life so hard?
  • Why does evil proper?
  • Why doesn't life work out the way we expect?
  • Why doesn't the good guy always win?


This book answers these questions as it delves into where evil came from, who is behind it, and how to fight it. Knowing your enemy is key to winning the battle.


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Satan and the Origin of Evil

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