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SYMBIS and SYMBIS+ Assessment

PTLB offers great marriage and pre-marriage counseling. Holly Eaton, our Clinical Pastoral Counselor, has a knack for hearing from the Holy Spirit as well as listening strategically to her clients. In addition, she uses this dependable, individualized method to guide the couple’s counseling experience:

SYMBIS and SYMBIS+ are the most comprehensive assessment tools available to couples of any age or in any stage of life. Developed by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, these tools have been methodically created based on 20 years of thorough research.

The SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) assessment, is designed for couples who are considering marriage or remarriage, and couples who are newly married.

The SYMBIS+ assessment is designed for married couples.

As couples individually complete the online questionnaire, the question bank dynamically adjusts to automatically provide the most appropriate subsequent questions. And, of course, it will provide the optimal report for each couple. The SYMBIS+ report has two additional report pages to deepen the experience for a married couple.

How does it work? Couples are invited to contact Holly Eaton, a certified SYMBIS facilitator, personally trained by Les and Leslie Parrott. At a cost of $35 per couple, both individuals will be emailed a separate online, interactive assessment, which will be automatically evaluated, and their report compiled and sent to Holly. The couple then schedules several sessions to delve into their results. It provides great insight and opportunities to celebrate strengths and pursue a path for growth in areas that would benefit from focused awareness and effort.

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