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THRIVE 2014 Breakout Sessions

Based on thousands of hours of counseling and watching hundreds of marriages be saved, Dr. Gil Stieglitz says there are only five problems in marriage.  Using a unique counseling tool Dr. Gil can help a couple in the first session diagnose their marital problems and how to focus their attention on the right problems. Come and learn this diagnostic tool and the Biblical solutions that come with it.


Marital Intelligence: There are Only 5 Problems in Marriage


Marital Intelligence Audio

Wouldn’t it be great if you could help twice as many people or help people go twice as far as they currently are in their spiritual life?  Most of us believe we could handle a much larger or deeper ministry but for some reason it is not happening.  Come to this dynamic seminar and gain the insights on how to unlock your full ministry potential.  Many of us were trained to minister to people but we were never trained on how to lead ministry.  We are doing all we know but we are stuck and we do not know how to release the full potential of our ministry.  Come learn the secrets of leading a ministry and double your impact.


Dr. Gil Stieglitz has worked with Christian leaders of all types and varieties and he has have found that most ministry leaders have twice as much leadership capacity as they are currently showing.  This material is so powerful that it usually allows a ministry to double in size and/or depth in two years.  Dr. Gil says, “If I can coach the leaders in the key systems and the key skills it just unlocks a whole new level of ministry.”

Raising Your Leadership Level: Double Your Impact


Raising Your Leadership Level Audio

Spiritual Warfare: Using the Weapons of God to Win Spiritual Battles

We are in a spiritual war.  The Bible tells us that we face an active and determined foe.  Our enemy wants to steal, kill and destroy us and our relationships.  We are attacked, manipulated and tempted in multiple ways. Most Christians don’t realize the huge number of spiritual weapons that God has given us to win this war.  There are so many that the Apostle Paul says that we have weapons for the right hand and the left (2 Cor 6:7). Come and learn about these weapons and how to begin using them to help yourself and others.

Using the Weapons of God to Win Spiritual Battles Audio

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