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What are the 5 problems found in most marriages?

Dr. Gil Stieglitz has helped countless married couples understand how to recognize key problems in their marriage. Based on thousands of hours of counseling couples and witnessing the saving of hundreds of marriages, conflict in marriage comes down to 5 core issues:

  1. ignoring needs

  2. immature behaviors

  3. clashing temperaments

  4. competing relationships

  5. past baggage

Marital Intelligence is the perfect resource to help restore marriages to the way marriage in the Bible is explained. Order your copy of the book for yourself, a friend, or as a wedding gift and begin working through the issues that cause the most conflict. Or, you may enjoy listening to a free audio recording from Gil's teaching at Bayside Church in Granite Bay, California.

Free Audio Resources
How Marital Intelligence is impacting the lives of pastors in Africa. Watch this!
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