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Do you want to have a marriage
others are envious of?

Based on thousands (yes, thousands) of hours counseling couples on their marriages, Gil Stieglitz found 15 essential habits that were present in healthy marriages that aren't found in failing ones. He created a short and dirty version of what it takes to have a marriage that is so great, so impactful, rich, and joyful that others take notice. They may even call it "ridiculous!"

Some examples of healthy habits: 

  1. Substitute kindness for sarcasm

  2. Schedule regular times for intimacy

  3. Align your expectations

  4. Date once a week

  5. Learn to forgive

Building a Ridiculously Great Marriage is available in paperback, ebook, or as an audio book. This material is ideal for pre-married, struggling, or devoted couples. Get down to the basics and start building a (ridiculously) great marriage today. You can listen to sample chapters from the audio book for FREE below!

Building a Ridiculously Great Marriage_FINAL front cover 6 x 9.jpg

Sample Audio from Building a Ridiculously Great Marriage

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