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Breakfast with Solomon: A Daily Training Course in Wisdom

There are two paths to take in life: wisdom and foolishness. These two paths yield completely different results, as explained through the mouth of Solomon. In the Book of Proverbs, God explains, motivates, and directs us to take the path of wisdom. It is the better path that leads to a healthy and vibrant life. Breakfast with Solomon is a training course on how to become wise; that is, living life with a godly wisdom that leads to health. I hope you choose this path.

Breakfast with Solomon devotional posts:

Breakfast with Solomon Volume 1 - 3

Now Available for purchase at


Volume 1 - Year 1-- January - June


Volume 2 - Year 1 -- July - December


Volume 3 - Year 2 -- January - June


Volume 4 - Year 2 -- July - December -- Future release

Volume 5 - Year 3 -- January - June -- Future release

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