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Breakfast with Solomon - Proverbs 10:32

"The lips of the righteous bring forth what is acceptable, but the mouth of the wicked what is perverted"

This is a continuation of Solomon's insights into the results of a righteous or wicked way of life.

Notice what is said about the righteous person. The righteous person brings forth words that are ratson or full of good will, full of favor, full of acceptance. These are words that bring encouragement, help, and comfort to the hearers. The righteous person is alive with the glow of God's love, encouragement, and blessing. Sometimes it takes the righteous person a while to find what they can say that will be full of good will and favor to some people, but they find it. Now righteousness does not sugarcoat sin or evil; but righteous people do not look for the negative, the wrong, or the mistake. They are positive and full of love for others.

It is Solomon who is saying this. Too many times we have suggested that the most legalistic, condemning, and negative person is the most righteous. "They can find something wrong with almost anything." But this is not God's definition of a righteous person. The righteous person speaks blessing and comfort and encouragement into the other person's life.

Who are you going to meet today? What positive, encouraging, accepting, and comforting words can you speak into their life? What negative rumors do you need to not say today about the people you know?

but the mouth of the wicked is perverted

Notice that the words that flow out of the wicked person are tahpukah which means twisted, perverted, distorted. The wicked person always has a selfish agenda. They take a stab at the truth but twist the meaning or implication so that they benefit and gain in the process.

This is a very instructive lesson in discerning a wicked person. Does someone you know twist the plain truth of a situation, discovery, and interaction to suit their benefit? Then they are living outside of God's moral boundaries in other areas also. Build a wide margin around this person. They are a law unto themselves. They worship at the shrine of themselves and if pushed will violate any law or cultural norm that gets in their way.

If this describes you, then stop lying. Start telling the truth. Even today. It will be hard, but it will serve you better as your relationships will become real relationships and not sham dances. Stop lying.

Until tomorrow,

Gil Stieglitz

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