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Become a Godly Husband
Learn What It Really Takes to Love Your Wife


Men, if you’re searching for the secrets to a successful marriage, you’ll find the answers within these resources. Learn the keys to understanding your wife, keeping her secure in the relationship, creating a sense of teamwork, and nurturing her needs. If you can master this, she will have the energy and motivation to meet your needs too. Dr. Gil Stieglitz lays a foundation for husbands in 7 principles found about marriage in scripture:

H—Honor, a woman must receive honor to stay emotionally connected in marriage. 

U—Understanding is essential to connect with the unique temperament, gifts, and abilities of your wife.

S—Security is the key to a woman’s spiritual connection to her husband. Your wife needs to feel secure in your relationship in ways that you have most likely never thought about.

B—Building Unity and Direction is the leadership component a husband must take so the pressures of life do not destroy the marriage. 

A—Agreement is a conflict resolution system a husband will establish and manage so you both can enthusiastically support the decisions that are made. 

N—Nurture means that a man must provide all that his wife needs to blossom as a person, mother, worker, friend, and wife. 

D—Defender is a role you must become, or your marriage, family, and life will be left unprotected and vulnerable.


Additional Resources

Becoming a Great Husband (partial audio course)

Taught by Dr. Gil Stieglitz at Bayside Church, Granite Bay, CA

Dr. Gil Stieglitz teaches the men of Bayside Church the seven principles for a godly marriage and how men can truly love their wives. Listen to modules 5, 6, and 7 for free!  We see a lot of positive change during these sessions, you can too.


How to Be a Good Husband (online video course,

Taught by Dr. Gil Stieglitz

Join thousands of men (and women) around the world as we dive deep into the principles every husband needs to have a godly marriage. Begin learning how to truly love your wife and start experiencing the full joy that God planned for your marriage. We will work through mini-projects to personalize each principle for your own situation. Available on 

Rated 4.5 stars

Here's what others are saying:


"This course is very useful, I'm halfway through the course and have been excited to learn things that open my eyes on how men should treat their wives. Although I am a woman I took this course to learn expectations on how a Godly man should treat and love his wife. I'm loving the course I recommend this course to any man who needs insight on how to love their wives the Godly way."—Earlene W.​


"So far it has been quite amazing with the content. I hope to become a better man every day for that special gal in my life. Many blessings!"—Danny R.


"These nuggets of wisdom are amazing! Thank you for releasing this content so present and future husbands can become the Godly husbands their families need."—Onyeka N.


Becoming the Best Husband and Loving Your Wife Well

Podcast on the James Quandahl Show featuring Dr. Gil Stieglitz

Today, Dr. Gil Stieglitz and I sat down to discuss how I can become a better husband. Dr. Gil is the author of the book Becoming A Godly Husband: The hardest thing a man will ever do is really love his wife. In this book he breaks down dozens of proven tactics into an easy to remember acronym:




Building Unity/ Direction




We spoke on the difference between saying I’m sorry and asking for forgiveness. How to show praise, ignore criticism and extend comfort instead. And how Dr. Gil agrees with me that we should be staying on our honeymoon forever and that we need to continually put effort into our marriages.

We covered all of this and much, much more on this episode, so please enjoy!

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