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Join students from all over the world as they delve into PTLB's online video courses through, including How to Be a Good Husband (Becoming a Godly Husband curriculum), Growing a Spirit-led Life (Keys to Grapeness), Mission Possible: Winning the Battle over Temptation Part 1, and our newest class, Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian Life. Try out our online video courses for learning and growing at your own pace. Get started today!

Becoming a Godly Husband

Becoming a Godly


Rated 4.5 stars

Here's what others are saying:


"This course is very useful, I'm halfway through the course and have been excited to learn things that open my eyes on how men should treat their wives. Although I am a woman I took this course to learn expectations on how a Godly man should treat and love his wife. I'm loving the course I recommend this course to any man who needs insight on how to love their wives the Godly way."—Earlene W.


"So far it has been quite amazing with the content. I hope to become a better man every day for that special gal in my life. Many blessings!"—Danny R.


"These nuggets of wisdom are amazing! Thank you for releasing this content so present and future husbands can become the Godly husbands their families need."—Onyeka N.


Rated 4.92 stars

Here's what others are saying:


"I can only say Wow! This course was a blessing and a great help for me. I can now apply what I have learned daily and not to mention I am strengthened. I must say that Romans 6:1-23 is a very encouraging scripture especially when you replace it with your name. Thanks for such a understanding and informative course."—R.B.

"So far is very good!!! I am married, but I needed to hear this!"—Juan B.

"Yes it was such a refreshing good feeling to listen to a good mentor . Well explained and he was taking me through a positive mindful experience while he was speaking . Overall it was good and I think if I start applying his methods it would work well."—Anonymous


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Spiritual Disciplines

of the

Christian Life

Rated 4.88 stars

Here's what others are saying:


Rated 5.0 stars


"I am so grateful I found this course. It has clarified my direction and revived me during a time of being lost. I have found Christian speakers on the whole to be opinionated and judgmental, using scripture to buttress their views. Not so this teacher. His candid honesty, warmth of heart, clarity of message and quiet confidence washed over me. His ordinary extra-ordinariness was amazing to witness, and I learned a lot. Thank you!"—Selby C.


"It was a good match and very thoughtful. It had me look at my own life and the areas that I can improve on."—Sula W.


 "This course is an excellent match for me. I'm currently dealing with a supervisor at work that is very hard to confront. She really wants to cause destruction. I've been telling my peers that she is just broken somewhere. This course is really helping understand what my positions is as a Christian other than praying the prayer of the Jezebel Spirit. Thank you!"—Jolinda


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