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Principles To Live By (PTLB) provides biblical resources to disciple Christians for a stronger relationship with God and others. Our books, online courses, classes, groups, and audio sermons are built around how to have the best possible life. We would be happy to come to your church or event to talk to your group or serve one-on-one as a pastoral mentor or counselor. Let us know how we can best serve you.


Dr. Gil Stieglitz
PTLB Founder/President, Pastor

Dr. Gil is a catalyst for positive change both personally and organizationally. He excites, educates, and motivates pastors and individuals world-wide. His passion, humor, and wisdom set him apart in the minds and hearts of his audiences. He has taught at several of the areas top Christian universities and seminaries, including Biola, William Jessup, and Western Seminary. Gil founded PTLB to deliver his relationship-building messages to as many people possible. He has written over 30 books, produced 3 online courses, and speaks to thousands of people each year about marriage, parenting, spiritual formation, spiritual warfare, and church building topics. Currently, he serves as the Discipleship Pastor at Bayside Church in Northern California, as well as Pastor to the Staff.

Pastor Michael Baggett
Executive Director, Bridges Founder

Michael is a true team builder with a tremendous passion and ability to bring organizational health to churches, staffs, boards, and ministries. He loves to help people and and develop the Body of Christ. He is a forward-thinking, in-demand pastor, coach, and consultant, who serves in various large and small California churches.


For over two decades, Michael has brought his infectious encouragement, insight, wisdom, and expertise in areas of assimilation, discipleship, leadership development, church leadership, strategic planning, and ministry expansion. His passion is to bring transformation to communities through the local church. 


Michael is also the founder and pastor of Bridges Sacramento, a missional, discipleship community for single adults who gather weekly. Members come from all over the Sacramento regions, from Elk Grove to Yuba City, representing over 35 churches or no church at all. For more information about Bridges Sacramento, visit 



"Michael, thanks for your counsel and godly insight. THANKS for being a part of our lives and being a godly influence on our son. We appreciate you!"

"Gil, your book titled "Weapons of Righteousness: Spiritual Disciplines" has been life-changing for my prayer life. This book I keep near my bedside table.

Blessings, Adele"

"If you have ever been frustrated that marriage didn't come with a manual, you just hit the jackpot! "Marital Intelligence" by Gil Stieglitz will provide you with a roadmap for increasing the health, stability, and foundations of your marriage. Gil's book is organized around the five problems in marriage; but rather than being a book about how to avoid or resolve conflicts alone, this book equips you to build a healthy marriage in each of the five problem areas. I strongly recommend the book for pastors, counselors, and anyone wanting to build or bless others with a strong marriage." —Dr. John Jackson, President of William Jessup University

"On behalf of the Board of Elders, the staff, and the members of First Baptist Church of Davis, I wanted to personally thank you for your steadfast and godly leadership in our search for a new senior pastor. You really kept us focused on God’s leading, and encouraged all of us to rely on the Spirit’s prompting as we looked at the daunting challenge of replacing our beloved Pastor Glen after 20 plus years, and to evaluate well over 100 applications. We all owe you a debt of gratitude for the time, prayer, and ideas you provided to us. I personally know that sometimes when it seemed overwhelming, you kept us looking to our Lord to guide the process. Your experience with other searches, principals of church leadership, and links with other resources, kept our eye on God’s kingdom and FBC’s role in bringing His glory to our world." —Rick Standiford, FBC of Davis

"Michael, I just wanted to thank you again for meeting with us yesterday, and what you did for our family. Spiritual warfare is definitely out there, and after our meeting, I am more aware than ever. I am working on strengthening my faith within my family and myself. You are truly amazing at what you do, and I feel so blessed to have met with you. We will continue to practice the counsel you have given us."

"Gil, just wanted to let you know that I have really gotten a lot out of your Breakfast with Solomon Daily Devotionals. They have been an amazing addition to my morning time with God! I appreciate getting them! Thank you, Tim"

Jennifer Edwards
Publishing Manager

Jennifer Edwards is PTLB's Publishing Manager, as well as an accomplished editor and author. She manages the publishing and promotion of PTLB books and resources.


Jennifer has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from the University of Colorado Boulder and a Master’s degree in Biblical and Theological Studies from Western Seminary. PTLB is the perfect place to use her Bible expertise, writing/editing, leadership, and administrative skills. She currently resides in Colorado.

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