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Your family can be great, but it takes 6 essential ingredients.

Let's face it—parenting is HARD!


In fact, most parents think its the toughest job out there. Some parents do it extremely well, but others … well, you know. Join Drs. Gil and Dana Stieglitz as they define the six essential ingredients that successful, enjoyable families have. We call them the "Six R's of Wise Parenting":

  1. Relationship

  2. Respect

  3. Resources

  4. Rules

  5. Routines

  6. Responsibility

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Learn how to parent wisely so you can have the family you've been hoping for. You don't have to wish they were out of the house already or bemoan parenthood and all it's complexities. You can look forward to spending time with your kids, travelling and having fun, enyoing each other for who they are. There are solutions that really work. Wise Parenting is more than just another parenting book—it is a vessel of hope and a practical guide for success in some of the most difficult parenting areas in all age groups. It is available as a paperback or ebook and as an audio book. You can also enjoy listening to a free podcast from Dr. Gil's teaching—The 4 Keys to a Great Family. 

Free Audio Resource — The 4 Keys to a Great Family
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