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Find out how pornography hurts you and others.
There is hope!
You can enjoy freedom from pornography and sexual temptation!

Many people believe it is impossible to keep your mind and body pure in today’s society. There is just too much sensuality, too much porn, and too much immorality. But this is not true. In these hard-hitting, practical resources, Dr. Gil Stieglitz gives real answers about how to develop and maintain purity in mind and body. He shows men and women how they can take control of their minds, eyes, and bodies to break free from sexual addiction. It is not impossible to resist temptation and become the real men and women God wants you to be. It is possible to enjoy freedom from temptation, resulting in a new level of mental and emotional clarity and purity again. Take charge of your life now. 

Two Resource Options

Paperback and E-book

Mission Possible: Winning the Battle over Temptation is an effective resource for anyone who desires purity and wants to defeat shame, guilt, and the stronghold of lust in their lives. This book is for anyone looking for ways to beat back the hold of temptation. Perfect for small groups, teenagers and college students struggling to maintain purity, pastors, counselors, and ministry leaders. Based on countless hours of counseling and small group sessions, this book gives sound advice and spiritual workouts designed to help people battle and overcome pornography, sexual addiction, and temptation. Available in print and ebook format.

Amazon reviews:

"I highly recommend this book for anyone who is struggling or knows someone else who is struggling with temptation of any form. The premise is still the same whether it is drugs or donuts." —Amazon Customer

"I've tried to read "Every Man's Battle" and other like books on overcoming sexual temptation. This one by far has been the most helpful. I'm experiencing a level of freedom in this area that I never have before and the tools presented in this book has been a big part of that." —Marc G.

Online Video Course

PTLB has produced an online video course to help anyone caught up in pornography and sexual addiction break free of temptation, shame, and guilt.. This course includes video instruction presented by Dr. Gil Stieglitz, along with scripture verses and spiritual exercises to download, as well as plenty of encouragement from someone who's been there. You can enjoy freedom from temptation and a new level of mental and emotional clarity again.

Rated 4.92 stars

Here's what others are saying:


"I can only say Wow! This course was a blessing and a great help for me. I can now apply what I have learned daily and not to mention I am strengthened. I must say that Romans 6:1-23 is a very encouraging scripture especially when you replace it with your name. Thanks for such a understanding and informative course."—R.B.

"So far is very good!!! I am married, but I needed to hear this!"—Juan B.

"Yes it was such a refreshing good feeling to listen to a good mentor . Well explained and he was taking me through a positive mindful experience while he was speaking . Overall it was good and I think if I start applying his methods it would work well."—Anonymous

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