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THRIVE 2015 Breakout Sessions

The Secrets of God's Armor

We live in an increasingly evil world where we know that the devil is attacking us. We feel the press of temptations, affliction, fear, even oppression and we want to know how to fight back. God has given us the Armor of God to win against the spiritual forces of evil. Unfortunately very few people really understand what God is saying and how to use it. This seminar will open your eyes to the amazing power and effectiveness of the Armor of God. You really don’t want to miss this seminar. Spiritual Warfare is real and understanding the Secrets of God’s Armor is essential.

Secrets of God's Armor Audio

Close Encounters of the God Kind


One of the most amazing thing elements in a person’s life can be their relationship with God. But few people understand how to truly delight in God. The Scriptures are full of promises and blessings that will come to the person who begins to push deeper in their relationship with God. In this seminar Dr. Gil Stieglitz will explore the revolutionary relational principles and understanding that bring you into a new level in your walk with God. This is the seminar that will help you realize why your walk with God is stuck and what you should do about it.

Close Encounters of the God Kind Audio - Part 1

Close Encounters of the God Kind Audio - Part 2

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