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Sometimes we just need a mentor to help us evaluate our current situation and determine our next steps. Whether you are processing relationships, emotional issues, finances or career choices, we believe that having a pastor or coach in your corner to cheer you on, support you and encourage you to make the right choices makes all the difference in the world.

PTLB Coach - Pastor Michael Baggett


Michael has led, served and pastored single adults of all ages and all life stages since 1993. He was first licensed as a minister in 1996 and then ordained in 2004. He has provided counsel and coaching ever since for those considering marriage, job transitions, ministry roles, overcoming addictions and major life changes of all kinds. He brings unique and straight- forward insights through his own life experience. Not being raised in the church, Michael has had plenty of time and experience outside of God’s will.


Serving in several large churches including Bayside Church in Granite Bay, CA has afforded Michael the opportunity to see God transform the lives of thousands of single adults and single parents. He is truly gifted at identifying people’s potential and then encouraging, empowering and equipping them to live out God’s purposes and is often considered a “go to” guy for staff and congregation members in churches where he has served.


Life Coaching Rates

Fees: $500 includes four (4) 75-minute face-to-face meetings plus email and phone conversations as are reasonable throughout the month.


These funds help us to help churches expand and deepen their ministries. 

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