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Breakfast with Solomon - Proverbs 31:1


"The words of King Lemuel, the oracle which his mother taught him"

King = leader, authority

Lemuel = for God

Oracle = a burden or message from God or another spiritual entity that is a spiritual, soul, and even physical weight on your being until you deliver it to the intended parties.

This proverb is a burden from God which came to the mother of Lemuel for all those who would be leaders for God. You must understand the way God sees leadership and your responsibilities.

This proverb sets out priorities and orientations for those who would be leaders for God. They were not to use their power and authority to pursue immorality or collect women. The position of power draws certain kinds of women and this temptation is real – to be diverted from leading for God to collecting immoral conquests. He was not to desire strong drink or become a drunk or a person who was always after the next party. He was to remember the laws that had already been passed. He was to remember tradition and not believe that he could just change everything just because it was more convenient for him. He was to make sure that the defenseless were protected and that their rights were not abused or neglected. He was to speak up for those who could not speak. He was to champion those who had been oppressed. He was to make decisions that clearly reflected an understanding of the Ten Commandments. He was to defend the biblical rights of those who were easily taken advantage of – the afflicted and the needy.

This was what a leader for God was to do. A leader for God was to lead in the place of God and see with God's eyes and not with their own eyes or with fleshly, sinful eyes. A leader for God was to clearly demonstrate that God loved His people and had an eye to the poor and downtrodden. A leader for God was also clearly to demonstrate an understanding of the moral boundaries of life – the Ten Commandments -- and to use them on the society that they governed – especially those who, through wealth, were taking advantage of those who had none.

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