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Breakfast with Solomon - Proverbs 15:3

Proverbs 15:3

"The eyes of the Lord are in every place watching the evil and the good"

This is a very important concept. Nothing escapes the purview of the Lord of the heavens. He does not fail to see the evil, and he registers every good.

This is one of the big things that we, who are truly Christians and theistic, must prove – that there is a judgment day coming; a time when every action of every man will be evaluated from a truly objective point of view.

One of the great problems for meaning and point to existence is where is the recorder of our deeds that is outside of us and beyond our universe? If no one sees what we do or the bravery or cowardice that we demonstrate, then it does not matter which one we do. If there is no ultimate recorder, then there can be little meaning to our lives except that which we live in front of others and that will perish with them.

But if there is an ultimate recorder that cannot perish and who sees and records everything that we think, say, and do, then life is full of meaning in every choice that comes before us. This is especially true if that recorder is somehow connected to a reward for the correct actions.

The one question that this verse does not address is: Why does God only watch the evil and the good? Why does he not immediately stop the evil or encourage the good? Numerous theories have been advanced throughout the ages. The one most often advanced which seems to make the most sense is that in this world – being a prelude to the next one – God must test our true choices to see if we would love Him and righteousness even if it is not immediately rewarded. He is looking for those worshippers and lovers of righteousness who will embrace truth and goodness even if it does not have an immediate temporal benefit. It is easy even for the unrighteous to be good when there is an immediate tangible benefit. God is testing us to see what is in our heart – whether we will call this world our home or continue to search for the better one which is beyond this one. Jesus does declare that those who follow Him will receive many times more for their obedience and suffering both in this world and the next.

It is clear that Christians are banking their lives, their destiny, and their choices on the fact that there is a next world in which the wrongs of this world are made right; that the wonder and splendor of the next world will marginalize any pain and suffering that we have experienced here in this one. This common theme that all justice will not necessarily be accomplished during our lifetime here in this world is important. It is a truth of the Christian faith which must not be abandoned to the "this is all there is" thinking of our modern day. If this world is all there is and there is no God in heaven watching and recording, then live as you please for there is no meaning to anyone's existence except what little bit you can conjure up yourself. It will die with you and your meaningless life will have accomplished nothing, no matter what you did.

I am deeply saddened that many Christians in the West have diminished this truth or embraced its secular opposite. When we forget the basic truths of the Christian faith, it is almost impossible to live the Christian life with any vigor. I believe we have been sapped of Christian strength by the lie that this is all there is and when you die, it is over. It is not over; it is just beginning and the choices you made here will make all the difference about what you enjoy there.

Until tomorrow,

Gil Stieglitz

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