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When Did You Stop being You?

In my previous article "You Were Created on Purpose for a Purpose," I talked about how our lack of our true identity is robbing us from the destiny God has for you. In case you missed it, click HERE.

Today I want to talk to you about something that is really important to connect with, something you may not even realize you’ve done. It involves asking God to help you discover when you stopped being you -- the real you. The you that you were meant to be.

Your Creator can give you insight into the connection between the child you once were and the person you have become. Typically there are clues and connections for your identity and destiny to be found in memories from your childhood. You may have made vows, much like mine, that are robbing you of your true identity and world-changing destiny. Until I asked God the question, “When did I stop being me?” I had no memory of a silent vow I had taken as a 5th grader. Though my story wasn’t one of physical or sexual abuse, it was a very emotional process for me. I still grieve for all the time I wasted. However, God reminds me over and over again that He is the Redeemer, which means He is the restorer of that which was lost. He restores honor, reputation, and years lost. I needed all three restored. He is my Redeemer. It is never too early or too late to discover who you are and what you are supposed to be doing.

I cringe as I think back over the details of my own story. It seems so trite, even pitiful compared to the pain and abuse many individuals have suffered as children. When God first brought this memory to my mind I was embarrassed that an incident so small could affect my life so greatly. However as I began to consult my Creator, He began to show me that the enemy of our souls has a very strategic plan to steal our identities at a very early age. Our enemy knows better than we do that once we are completely confident in our true identities, we will be unstoppable in obtaining and fulfilling our destinies! Abuse, whether physical, mental, or verbal, does the exact same thing. It robs us of our identity and destiny. It is designed in the pits of hell to entice you to quit being you-the you God created! That is why this journey takes courage. That is why God asks, “Do you have the courage to be you -- the you I created?”

In my case, I had made a vow to stop being me in order to avoid further pain, to avoid feeling. It worked for a while. I felt that not being seen was somewhat safe. But very quickly I began to feel nothing. I felt dead, like an imposter who often wondered who I really was. I became exhausted from all the different and false identities I had allowed to be bestowed upon me. The truth I learned from God in my own journey of purpose is that if we build up walls to protect ourselves from pain, inevitably those same walls will keep us from feeling loved, valuable, and worthy. When you cut yourself off and make walls constructed with silent, yet impenetrable vows, you lose the ability to pick and choose what you will or won’t let in. You end up shutting out all the good as well as all the bad. This is how we begin to settle for so much less than we were created for. This is how complacency and mediocrity slip into all areas of our life. It is still shocking to me how early in life this happens. That is why I am so passionate about teenagers and even younger children learning the truth, “You were created on purpose for a purpose.” No matter your age, hold on to your true identity. Fight for your destiny.

Mediocrity, security, and complacency are so far from God’s plans for us. Abundance. Adventure. The impossible. More than we dare ask or imagine. This is our destiny. God created us to be water walkers, giant slayers, and history makers. If we don’t believe in our God-given identity, then we will never attempt to fulfill our destinies. Satan knows that. He knows our destinies far better than we do-he has been around a long time. Satan threw away his identity and traded in his glorious destiny for a counterfeit one. Now he is trying to steal ours. Please don’t just skim over this “Satan” part. He is real. He is your enemy. Just as God has a plan for you, so does Satan. Ladies and gentlemen, there truly is a cosmic, supernatural, very real spiritual battle going on for your identity and destiny. That is why it takes courage to be the real you.

Ask God to reveal your memory and your story to you when you are ready. Ask Him "When did I stop being me?" If you already know the event, ask God to reveal to you any silent vows you made. Trust God to bring you truth. You do not need to fear it. It has the ability to set you free.

I hope you will embark wholeheartedly on this journey of purpose. I'd love to hear from you about anything you have discovered!

Email me at and share with me your own stories about discovering your purpose.


Jenny Williamson


You Are Somebody - Discover Your True

Identity and Destiny.

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