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Breakfast with Solomon - Proverbs 12:12

"The wicked man desires the booty of evil men, but the root of the righteous yields fruit"

Solomon is trying to help us spot those who are wicked by seeing what they are going after. Those who live outside the lines of God's commandments are aimed at the people who have amassed great wealth through cheating, lying, and illegality. It is their pursuit that gives them away. There is an implied sense that if you have not gone after your pile using corrupt means, then those who are wicked will not go after it.


This is the Hebrew word chamad which means to desire or take pleasure in. It also has been translated as covet or delight or that which is precious.

Notice the insight that we are given. It is the wicked person who has an interest in the treasures that come from evil. This would be ill-gotten gain, sexual unfaithfulness, power obtained through corruption, bribery, etc. In other words, what they want is what other wicked people are after.

Notice the connection and distinction between the desires or cravings of the wicked and the yield of the righteous. This is a steady, consistent harvest that comes from the natural results of being righteous versus the impulsive lustful hunger after what is outside the lines of morality. They want that which is perverted and gained by other's loss.

The righteous has yield; the wicked have cravings which they are willing to take shortcuts to obtain. Realize that those who are within the boundaries of God will yield a crop. It will be a righteous crop, and it will be real instead of constant cravings that either are not satisfied or not satisfying.

Be careful what choices you make for it will spell the difference all of your life whether you live with cravings or are satisfied with a fulfilling life.

There is nothing that evil can offer that is as rewarding as a great bond between husband and wife; between parent and children; between yourself and a job well done; between God and you; between a full display of what you were created to do, etc.

Until tomorrow,

Gil Stieglitz

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