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Breakfast with Solomon - Proverbs 25:12

"Like an earring of gold and an ornament of fine gold is a wise reprover to a listening ear"

This proverb is in the midst of a group of metaphors which God uses to teach through the pen of Solomon great life lessons and, more specifically, crucial character qualities. This particular quality is about being a wise reprove – a person who knows how to correct others.

like an earring of gold and an ornament of fine gold

The Hebrew word earring is the word nezem and means a ring of gold for a man or woman that was a sign of luxury used for the nose or the ear. It stated that you were of a higher class. The ornament of fine gold was another display of wealth and class. It was something desired.

is a wise reprover to a listening ear

Two things are needed to bring about significant change and blessing in a person's life:

First, there is the need for correction of the faults in the person said in such a way that it is easy to receive the correction.

Second, there is a need for a person to be willing to hear that they have faults and can improve.

A person can be the wisest reprover in the business; but if the other person will not listen no matter what, then do not waste your help. They are swine not understanding pearls, as Jesus said. On the other hand, if a person is open to correction and yet the person giving it is proud, pompous, and rude, the correction will not be heard either.

The Hebrew word for reprover is the word yakach which means to judge, decide, rebuke, correct, convict. There is a need to understand how to give correction so that it will be received. No one instinctively enjoys being corrected, but there are ways to make it go down easier. First, make it seem like a small thing. Second, talk about this correction as a releasing of all the good qualities that are being held back by this little thing. Third, be specific and not vague: This specific action needs to change; this phrase needs to be eliminated; not, you have a major character flaw. Fourth, let them know that this is probably a blind spot for them: "I know you probably don't even notice this thing, but I believe that it is holding you back from being all God would want you to be."

Until tomorrow,

Gil Stieglitz

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