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Breakfast with Solomon - Proverbs 16:13

"Righteous lips are the delight of kings, and he who speaks right is loved"

The world today does not train anyone about the vital importance of how you speak to authority. If you are going to get ahead in this world, you will need to learn how to speak to those who are in authority over you.

Our children are constantly encouraged to rebel and express their dissatisfaction and ungratefulness. They are shown and told that this is the way to get to the top and then they wonder why, when they do these behaviors that all the TV shows and movies demonstrate, they keep getting dumped on. The reason is because our culture is showing our children the rebel way – the wrong way.


This is the Hebrew word sedeq which means justice or righteousness. It means that which conforms to what is right or to some standard. In this case it is the right way to talk to those who are in authority over you.

People who speak respectfully to those in authority are rare these days. Everyone is into being critical or different. The person who bears the burden of authority would like respect, gratefulness, diligence, an obvious desire to submit if at all possible, and supportive new ideas. All these are possible to convey to those who are in authority over you.

How do you speak to those in authority? Is it rebellious? Is it defiant? Is it ungrateful? Is it critical?

Now I must say that there are times when a leader who is immoral must not be obeyed, but often our desire to disobey comes from our disagreement with the plan rather than any real immoral actions or plans.

Any leader loves those who conform their speech and actions to their expectations and plans. It is such a treat to be with those who will bring their speech and even actions into the perimeters of the leader. As a parent there are few joys like the joy of your children willingly pulling in their potential actions, dress, words, friends, or even plans to fit within your plans and desires. The willing conformity of a child to the will of their parent is a great thing to behold. Now I know that parents can be selfish and abusive. I am not suggesting that children should submit to this; but I am agreeing with Solomon that the one who conforms their words, actions, and plans to their authority is loved. Don't miss this special blessing because of your rebellion.

I have watched as teens have rebelled and then wondered why their parents are not more demonstrative about their love. I have also watched the special bond that develops between a parent and a son or daughter who brings their words, actions, and even plans into conformity with their parents.

Whether it is at work, at home, at church, or in the community, the actions and words of teamwork, deference, and submission are a gift. Today, speak out righteous ideas, not rebel ideas.

Until tomorrow,

Gil Stieglitz

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