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Breakfast with Solomon - Proverbs 9:14

"She sits at the doorway of her house, on a seat by the high places of the city"

This verse is controlled by what the woman of folly is doing and where she is doing it.


The woman of folly is in contrast to the call of Lady Wisdom. Lady Wisdom is seen active and diligent about the business of education and preparation for training. The idea here seems to be that the foolish woman is relaxing or resting. She is not industrious but instead sitting, or more likely lying on her bed, working. Clearly this is a woman of ill-repute waiting for customers to come visit her. She calls to them but she does not want to give them training, education, and wisdom. Instead she gives them lust, disease, unfaithfulness, impurity, etc.


The woman of folly sits at her doorway while Lady Wisdom is busy preparing for training and has sent out her maidens. Clearly this is a reference to the activity of the woman who is a prostitute and her waiting for customers and her orientation to leisure rather than industry. People in the city begin to know that this is where one can be unfaithful. Don't turn in that direction. These types of places will spring up near the power centers of a city.

high places of the city

What is interesting here is that this house of prostitution is set up in the places of power and authority in a city. This would be the downtown power corridor. This ancient insight is still active in the modern world. There are still houses of ill repute near the places of power and decision so that the naive and foolish can be serviced.

Solomon is saying that if you make it to the place where you are powerful and have authority, there will be this kind of temptation calling to you. Do not turn aside from the path that you were on to get to this place. Do not listen to lady foolishness. She will destroy you. You can count on her appearance to tempt you. Get ready. The more powerful, wealthy, and honorable you become, the more these types of temptations will be available. But you must not give in. Do not be a fool. Do not throw away what you are building for a few seconds of pleasure. Do not get training at the hands of the foolish woman. It is a dead-end street.

Lady Wisdom is a personification of wisdom in and through those who embrace her. The woman of folly is an actual woman who sells her body to destroy the lives of the men she services. You may see the actions of Lady Wisdom in a business in men who have embraced wisdom as their way of life. The woman of folly is a prostitute, whether male or female, who seeks to tempt men in positions of power to give in to lust.

Until tomorrow,

Gil Stieglitz

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