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Breakfast with Solomon - Proverbs 14:15

"The naive believes everything, but the sensible man considers his steps"

Solomon is trying to make a clear distinction between the simplistic person who is drawn away by rumors, fears, and stories versus the strategic person who contemplates and strategizes what needs to be done today in order to accomplish the ultimate goals.


This is the Hebrew word pethi which means simple or open-minded. It usually carries the idea of a person who is inexperienced, young, or willfully ignorant or gullible. This is the person who hears rumors and believes them. This is the person who heard that this was okay and acts on that instead of checking it out.

Solomon says here that the naive person believes everything. This person does not hold back embracing what others say. He/she just takes what people say and believes it, even when it may be a complete lie. This kind of person is constantly deceived. As one grows older, there is a need to develop a healthy dose of skepticism to what people just say. There must be a trigger in your head that causes you to say, "I'll check that out." Being too quick to believe what others say sends you off in futile and bizarre directions.

You should grow out of your gullibility. If you are still not skeptical of people's pat answers, then you are not ready to start really achieving God's goals for your life. There are numerous people and movements that would love to divert you from what you’re supposed to be doing with your life. Don't let them. Check things out.


This is the Hebrew word arum which means crafty, shrewd, prudent. Probably the best word in a modern context to translate this word is strategic or strategy. The word carries the idea of a person who knows where they are going and has considered all the options and steps to get there. They realize that each step in the process of accomplishing the goal is crucial. They understand that a misstep or detour from the plan will mean that they will not accomplish the goal.

There is a realization by the prudent or strategic person that what they do today is either moving them toward their goals or moving them away from their goals.

Ask yourself the question: Do you know where you are going? How are today’s actions moving you toward your goals? What are the temptations and distractions of today that will divert you from fulfilling today's part of the strategy? Are people who have proved to be unreliable in the past asking you to trust them again? What were you created to do? Do that and do not be turned aside to all of these other things.

Until tomorrow,

Gil Stieglitz

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