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Breakfast with Solomon - Proverbs 30:15

"The leech has two daughters, 'Give, Give'"


This is the Hebrew word aluqah which means a leech. This is most likely the horse leech which engorges itself with blood and, in some cases, has been known to have exploded after having not detached or stopped in time from the in-rushing blood.


This is the Hebrew word bath which means daughter, branches. Some have seen in this word, bath, the two prongs or teeth of the leech which extend out of the leech and drain the host. Others have seen this as the progeny of the leech. The leech produces an insatiable appetite that will destroy the host if it is not dislodged.

So some of our desires will sink their fangs deep into our lives and destroy our lives even as they try and satiate themselves. We have seen this with the alcoholic, the drug addict, the adulterer, the embezzler – the desire takes over the host's life.


This is the Hebrew word yahab which means give, ascribe

This proverb is about a type of fool called the leech. The leech was a real threat in those days. There was a comment in an ancient commentary that reminded people not to drink from a pond or river because you could drink a leech.

This is a proverb about what comes from the life of the leech. They create a progeny of blood suckers that are never filled up.

Most people will be satiated when they have fulfilled their desire. But this particular type of fool is one who never has enough of what they desire. They never have enough money, they never have enough sex, they never have enough violence, they never have enough houses, they never have enough power. This kind of fool does not have the ability to be full. They just keep wanting more. Just like the leech that injects a chemical into the wound of the victim so that its blood will never clot, so the leech has injected into their desire some kind of inability to be filled up by what they desire so much. They will never know contentment.

If you are married to this kind of fool, they are never satisfied. If you have this kind of boss, no amount of work or submission is ever enough. They want it all and then some more. They have been robbed by their foolishness of contentment. They cannot be filled up by the things that they desire. They have given into their desire in such a way and to such a degree that their desire now owns them. The only thing they produce is the desire for more. They don't produce daughters who grow to become godly women and productive members of society. They only produce insatiable desire.

Until tomorrow,

Gil Stieglitz

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