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Breakfast with Solomon - Proverbs 5:16

"Should your springs be dispersed abroad, streams of water in the streets?"


This is the Hebrew word mayan which means spring.

The idea here in this verse is subtle motivation to avoid adultery because of the various results it will cause. Most have seen, in this verse, the consequence of diluting one’s sexual intimacy through repeated adultery. It is no longer special and unique to be with your spouse.

There are two other possible interpretations and/or applications to this verse. Springs in the Song of Solomon – which Solomon also wrote – refer to a wife's sexual interest and intimate anatomy. It is possible that Solomon is warning that if the husband commits adultery, he runs the risk of pushing his wife out of the house through divorce and neglect.

Some have also suggested that springs here means the husband's issue from sexual intimacy. In this idea Solomon is stating that one is scattering oneself all over and allowing it to run in the street and be common.

In each case the idea is that there are consequences to adultery so don't do it. The overarching theme in all these possible interpretations is that God has given a man a gift in his wife and the specialness of their relationship should not be diluted by sexual encounters with others outside the marriage relationship.

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