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Breakfast with Solomon - Proverbs 28:17

"A man who is laden with the guilt of human blood will be a fugitive until death; let no one support him"

We find in our day and age an inability to recognize those who should be protected and those who shouldn't be. We must return again to the idea that justice needs to be carried out in order for society to be safe, free, open, and civilized. Our culture has largely lost the concept of true guilt and of justice. We somehow believe that if some have difficulty in their life, they are to be pitied even if their difficulty is of their own making. We should have pity on those who have been oppressed and afflicted and victimized by others, but we must return again to this biblical injunction to not support or give aid to those who are murderers. When we do, we plunge our society into lawlessness and a new level of the innocent suffering.

When a murder is committed, there is true moral guilt before a Holy God and that stain cannot be washed away or ignored. Only God can set you free from the guilt of that sin. Our culture’s naturalistic worldview does not acknowledge the soul as a real aspect of every human being, so in their thinking murder is nothing more than stopping the life of another animal. But it is so much more. We were created in the image of the invisible God and our life has value beyond just biological existence.

Let's get very practical with this verse. There will be some who read these words who will be tempted to aid, encourage, support, fall in love with, shield, and protect an unconfessed murderer. Do not do that. Be wise. I have watched a number of seemingly very bright people get pulled into the web of criminals by the slick words and explanations. These seemingly together people knew what the person was capable of and yet they got sucked into their web of deceit and illegal activity. Do not let this happen. If a person who is an unconfessed murderer or criminal comes to ask your aid or support, do not give it to them. Stand on the side of justice or you will be sucked in to some level of guilt with them.

I do not at all mean that we should not encourage and work with those who have confessed or are willing to confess their sin and have worked through the justice system.

Until tomorrow,

Gil Stieglitz

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