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Breakfast with Solomon - Proverbs 2:20

"So you will walk in the way of good men and keep to the paths of the righteous"

It is absolutely imperative that you and I realize that there is a path of conduct that good, righteous, wholesome people live on. They keep moving forward in their lives and that path is always there to walk. There is also always the other path into the jungle of selfishness.

Notice that the path is the path of righteousness. The word righteousnessis the word sedaqain Hebrew which means conforming to an ethical standard or rule of conduct. Do you stay within God's boundaries of acceptable behavior or does your own selfishness and the seduction of others lure you beyond acceptable behavior? The edge of the path is the absolute boundary of the Ten Commandments. There will constantly be temptations to your goals by getting off the path and taking the shortcut through the jungle of selfishness. Don't do that.

  • You could be tempted to blend Christianity with some other religion... don't.

  • You could be tempted to use religious artifacts or idols as decorations... don't.

  • You could be tempted to express your displeasure through cursing or swearing... don't.

  • You could be tempted to overwork and self-sufficiency; not daily and weekly acknowledging your need for God... don't.

  • You could be tempted to rebel from your God-given authorities... don't.

  • You could be tempted to continually expose your displeasure and anger until it becomes violent or even murderous... don't.

  • You could be tempted to find comfort, fulfillment, or pleasure with someone who is not your spouse... don't.

  • You could be tempted to take what is not yours... don't.

  • You could be tempted to deceive or lie to get your own way... don't.

  • You could be tempted to want other people's possessions instead of earning your own... don't.

The path of good people is not hard to understand. It is everything that is inside of the above type of behavior.

Notice that you have a choice here. You can and should walk in the righteous path. You will need the guidance of wisdom to do it.

This whole section tries to remind us that the temptations are strong and they seem so pleasant and encouraging; but they lead to separation, loneliness, death, and destruction of all that we care about.

Stay on the good path; do not be seduced by the allure of the shortcut.

Until tomorrow,

Gil Stieglitz

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