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Breakfast with Solomon - Proverbs 8:24

"When there were no depths I was brought forth, when there were no springs abounding with water"

This is a fascinating reference to the eternal planning process. God planned and arranged everything that was going to happen in this universe that we live in before the first atom or particle appeared. God not only planned what could and would take place, he also invented the laws – physical, spiritual, relational – that would be needed to govern this universe. This proverb deals with the fact that wisdom had to be brought out and used in the process of deciding which of all the possible worlds that could be invented would be invented. A limitless number of worlds and possibilities in those worlds presented themselves to God's infinite mind. It was wisdom that allowed Him to choose to bring this one into actuality.

Paul refers to this planning time before the beginning of the world when he states that Christ was slain before the foundation of the world. Before there was ever anything, God was planning how to work through the various problems that a universe with stars, creatures, and choices would cause. The greatest problem was the problem of how to redeem mankind when it chose to disobey and turn away from its creator. God planned before the foundation of the world that His Son would become a man, live a perfect life, and sacrifice that perfect life so that certain members of mankind could be bought back from the slave market of sin.

It is interesting that this proverb uses the words brought forth; this is the Hebrew word chil, which means to whirl, dance, writhe. The idea seems to be writhing like in childbirth. Solomon describes God's application of wisdom to the infinite number of possibilities as though He is birthing this world through the appearance of wisdom. It is important to realize that wisdom does not exist as speculation. It is the actual application of knowledge, strategy, goals, and counsel which brings about the win, win, win scenario. Of all the worlds that God could have created, He chose to create this one with you having the choices that you have. He has put you in a position to glorify Him today, to benefit others, and to succeed personally. Choose the choice that does all three of those things. It is what the universe was founded upon, and it is one of the bedrock principles of how to navigate through this life to get to the next one in the best possible situation.

Realize that God also planned you and all the choices that you would ever have in this life. He knew you before the world began. Through His wisdom He gave you the choices that He gave you. Use wisdom to make your choices and you will glorify Him, benefit others, and succeed for yourself. He used wisdom to create the universe and He wants you to use wisdom to live in it.

Until tomorrow,

Gil Stieglitz

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