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Breakfast with Solomon - Proverbs 27:25

"When the grass disappears, the new growth is seen and the herbs of the mountains are gathered in"

This whole section is about careful management of business and wealth. The business ventures of the wise need tending and planning. Too many people just hope they have enough to live on or to retire on. Think it through. Budget what will be needed to make it through the next year and when various amounts will come in.

There is some debate over whether Solomon is saying that when the sheep or cattle are consuming the grass is when they will be growing and therefore earning more money. Or this is planning for the first cutting to be harvested and consumed and then the level of the next crop will be clear and it signals that it is time to head up to the mountains because of the strong summer to the high country and gather those herbs in.

I think that this is best understood as a management planning and timing example. Solomon is illustrating in the agricultural and ranching world the thinking of good planners. He could have used any number of examples for he was familiar with any number of businesses and lifestyles. The clear idea is that multiple things come from doing things in order and planning out what you will do. You can't start with getting the herbs in the mountains because it is not summer and they won't be ready. You need to do the first cutting before you can see how many other cuttings you will have.

These would be just a few of the pithy ideas that come out of this proverb:

  • Do what needs to be done when it needs to be done.

  • Certain things can only be known when they are known; they take time to develop.

  • Some things will not be ready or available until they are ready.

  • Bloom where you are planted.

  • Take full advantage of where you are at the present.

  • Planning, management, evaluation are key tools for financial freedom.

  • Don't always be looking into the future, ignoring what is in the present.

Until tomorrow,

Gil Stieglitz

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