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Breakfast with Solomon - Proverbs 24:26

"He kisses the lips who gives a right answer"

The idea here is what is the impact or effect of the right or honest answer. Its effect is like being kissed on the lips. The right answer is an act of love, fidelity, and friendship.

There have been numerous different interpretations of this particular proverb which are extremely convoluted. It seems the most straightforward to see the right answer as an act of love, trust, and honor.

Remember then that if you are really trying to love someone, do not give them a deceptive answer but instead an honest answer as best you know. I am amazed at how many relationships are damaged -- and even destroyed -- because people are not honest with one another. We are trying to shield each other from the truth, and we end up destroying the ability of the other person to trust us.

A deep relationship must be based upon trust. Even if the truth one has to say is hard or difficult, it is better that other people know that they can trust you to speak the truth to them than to later confirm that you deceived them. They will not understand that you were doing it for their best interests. Speak the truth in love, the Apostle Paul tells us in the book of Ephesians.

Kiss people with the truth and they will be more deeply connected to you for it.

This is true of teens with their parents. It is true of parents with their children. It is true of employers with their employees. it is true of friends, marriage partners, and church members.

Now I must add at this point -- do not believe that your speculation about the motives of others or your feelings about certain situations are necessarily the truth. Realize when you are speculating even though you feel it is the truth. Let the other person you are talking to know that you are speculating and could be wrong if this is the case.

Until tomorrow,

Gil Stieglitz

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