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Breakfast with Solomon - Proverbs 8:28

"When He made firm the skies above, when the springs of the deep became fixed"

We don't often contemplate that there was a time when the atmosphere was unstable and not fixed. Scientists tell us that it is possible that other planets in our solar system may have had an atmosphere like ours, but it was swept away by meteor showers and other cataclysmic events. God, however, firmed up the atmosphere around this planet and protected it from those types of events that could have stripped this planet of its atmosphere. We are told that by placing our earth in a solar system with numerous planets and especially with Jupiter and Saturn – much bigger planets near to us – whatever meteors and asteroids that enter our system are usually drawn to their gravitational field rather than earth’s rather small one.

We are learning all the time about the fine-tuning that God did to establish our planet and protect it. It is these displays of wisdom that is convincing many scientists of God's existence and of His love for this special planet and its inhabitants.

when the springs of the deep became fixed

This is another reference to the early earth when it was not settled; its landmasses, oceans, and inner core were not fully established. God was at work in this creation, and Solomon says to look at the wisdom in all of this. He used wisdom in the creation of this unique and wonderful planet, and we need to use wisdom to live on it.

Other creatures cannot choose wisdom or foolishness, but we have been given that incredible privilege. Don't waste it by "just doing what comes naturally." Be wise and live out the highest forms of humanity. Glorify God, benefit others, and win for yourself.

What is interesting about this verse is that it wasn't until fairly recently in modern history (the last 100 years) that we could really understand the truth of the second statement. The springs of the deep has reference to deep underwater and underground springs. Recently they have discovered at the bottom of the ocean floor springs that have whole colonies of life that live around the super-heated water that is emitted from these deep springs.

Until tomorrow,

Gil Stieglitz

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