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Breakfast with Solomon - Proverbs 30:28

"The lizard you may grasp with your hands, yet it is in kings' palaces"

This is the fourth analogy about small but wise strategies. Agur, the inspired writer, walks us through the need for preparation and diligence with the ant. Then using things outside of ourselves to protect us with the coney. Then helps us understand the need for clarity of objective regardless of the ability of the leader with the locust. Finally he is going to point out the importance of presence, not prestige and pomp, using the lizard.


This is the Hebrew word semamith which means lizard. Palestine is full of lizards that run across the desert landscape and through all the homes and buildings. You cannot eradicate them no matter how important you are. They are not strong or fierce but they are in the right places.

The idea seems to be that most of us have the idea that we need to be strong, fierce, prestigious, or regal to get into the kings’ palaces. But this is not true; the humble lizard is there. There are all kinds of ways of gaining access to some important places. The writer is not suggesting that we become lizards but that we drop our desire for pomp and pride and focus. The humble, lowly lizard gains access through his everywhere quality and his inobtrusiveness. Are you like the lizard? He doesn't want to be noticed and will scurry away if too much attention is focused on him. Is your humility of this type? Too many people dream about being king instead of being a humble servant of God. God can put you anywhere He needs you to be if you are humble. Look at Joseph, Daniel, and Nehemiah.

Until tomorrow,

Gil Stieglitz

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