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Breakfast with Solomon - Matthew 12:36

"But I tell you that every careless word that people speak, they shall give an accounting for it in the day of judgment"

It is clear from the Scriptures that there will be a judgment at the end of life. Life does not end when we die but an accounting comes next. The modern era has been trying desperately to erase the reality of this judgment. They proclaim that we just cease to exist, but the evidence clearly screams that there is an accounting.

This one truth of the coming judgment is what is clearly missing from our culture's mindset. We do not watch what we do because we do not believe that anyone is watching. We believe that if no one in this life sees what we do, then we are free and clear. That if we do wrong and are about to be caught with no way out, that suicide is a way out of judgment. Nothing could be further from the truth! Instead, we come to judgment early.

If we could reinsert the truth of the coming judgment in the minds of people, then morality would be a viable concept. If we cannot destroy the heresy of no final judgment, then morality will continue to sink.

It is important to regularly proclaim the truth of judgment. This truth needs to be driven deep in the heart of every person -- especially Christians. I am not sure that real conversion can be accomplished without the understanding of coming judgment.

In the past the great awakenings have been an awakening to the reality and nearness of judgment. It is not possible to be awakened without being awakened to something! We must flee into the arms of Christ from the consequences of our sinful actions.

Conrad Lowe told me that the two quickest ways to bring change to a person or organization is training and accountability -- accountability is judgment. We must find compelling ways to reinsert the reality of the judgment back into everyone's consciousness.

If it is true that every idle word will be evaluated, then I must watch everything I say and make sure that it is edifying.

Until tomorrow,

Gil Stieglitz

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