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Breakfast with Solomon - Proverbs 15:30

"Bright eyes gladden the heart; Good news puts fat on the bones."

Bright eyes

The word bright is the Hebrew word maor which means bright, luminous, shining. The idea here seems to be eyes that are open and clear and not those that are dark, red, and shifty. When the mind is pointed toward that which is virtuous there is no need to look away from people or be ashamed of what you are looking at. There is an openness. It is this openness and focus on what does not need to be hidden that will bring joy to the soul of the person. That which is evil and that which is morally shady has an impact on the soul of the person.

Unfortunately, we have embraced the naturalistic idea so thoroughly that we do not recognize that what we do, what we allow ourselves to look at has an impact on our soul. The immaterial part of our being. When we look at what is innocent and virtuous then we have a brighter countenance. The more that we are forced or willingly look at what is morally abhorrent the more tainted and jaded our soul becomes.

There is a connection to the physical world and the joy in your inner being. Focus on the good, on the stuff that brings righteous emotions out of you and you will move your soul in that direction. It is hard to live with a dark soul. Even actors who have to play parts of dark people can have their soul affected and they are only playing a part. Some will comment that they had to get away from that role.

So the question is obviously what are you looking at... that which is morally reprehensible or that which is pure and good and lovely... Be careful of allowing yourself to watch on Television what you would never permit in real life.

fat on the bones

The word fat is the Hebrew word dasen which means fat or prosperous. Solomon is saying that external factors can change internal medical conditions. We have known this for some time. We don't completely understand the connection but there is a physiological effect to good news, to laughter, to that which is virtuous.

Solomon says that this helps create a healthier bone structure. It makes your bones abundant or prosperous. It would be instructive whether this has a direct affect on the marrow or the thickness or the growth plate or some other physical aspect of bones.

The clear import is that we should surround ourselves with good news and pleasant virtuous information and people. If there is a negative, mocking, critical person then they weaken you in your soul and in your physical health. If you can move away from these kinds of people. Find positive encouraging friends and co-workers.

Until tomorrow,

Gil Stieglitz

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