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Breakfast with Solomon - Proverbs 15:31

"He whose ear listens to the life giving reproof will dwell among the wise"

How open are you to correction? It could very well determine whether you live up to your full potential.

reproof: This is the Hebrew word tokeha, which means rebuke, reproof, correction, even punishment.

Notice that Solomon declares that correction is life giving. We don't often see reproof as life giving. But we must realize that no one will do something perfect the first time they attempt it so they need to be corrected. They need to develop more skill in an area.

One of the most difficult things we have had to teach our three girls (and ourselves) is to receive correction graciously and openly without being defensive and blaming.

The attitude of the wise person is: if I can do it better I want to hear about it. I am open to improvement. Many times we think that if we hear someone's critique, we are duty bound to make the changes that they suggest. This is not the case. Sometimes people's criticisms are stylistic or philosophically different than what you have planned. But the ability to listen with gracious openness to criticism is a sign of those who are wise.

Tell me how you think what I am doing could be improved. I may not always agree with you, but I should be able to hear you out and think through what you are saying.

dwell: This is the Hebrew word lin, which means dwell, lodge, stay. The idea is clearly that when you are willing to listen to others correcting you, you will not just occasionally stumble across wisdom; you will dwell there.

This means that it is collectively using the little bits of wisdom and expertise of all the people that God has put around you so that you will become a wise person. Develop the ability to be corrected without going ballistic.

Until tomorrow,

Gil Stieglitz

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