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Pastor Michael Baggett


Michael was first licensed as a minister in 1996 and then ordained in 2004. He has served, pastored and counseled thousands of men and women through being single, widowed and divorced. That experience has helped him provide solid premarital counsel for hundreds of engaged couples. He is a gifted pastoral counselor who brings a great deal of insight from his own life experience and through over 20 years of serving individuals and couples in large churches.


Michael believes that with most engaged couples there are not usually “deal breaker” type issues but issues that if not dealt with properly can become very difficult, if not destructive in a marriage. Most couples need two things:


1.  A slightly deeper level of understanding of each other that explains the reactions moods and thought patterns of your husband or wife to be


2.  A few simple tools to help couples engage each other the right way at the right time


Fees: $100 for 75 minutes (Usually no more than 2 or 3 sessions)


These funds help us to help churches expand and deepen their ministries.

Our goal for this is that you would experience the fullness and unity you hope for in your marriage. For most couples, there are a few issues that are not "deal breakers" but if not understood can be very difficult to process once married. We would like help you understand differences and what affect they may have in marriage. We would also like to provide you with the tools you need to resolve conflict so you can spend more time enjoying your marriage. 

Pastoral Services

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