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Becoming a Godly Husband represents one of the most successful marriage counseling manuals on the market today. As the culmination of hundreds of hours of counseling, study, and mentoring, this book is an invaluable resource to discover the secrets to a successful marriage. The answers men seek about their wives is within these pages.


This book uncovers the keys to understanding your wife, which include keeping her secure in your relationship, creating a sense of teamwork, and nurturing her needs. In an easy to understand acrostic, H.U.S.B.A.N.D., Dr. Stieglitz lays a foundation for husbands to really love their wives.


  • H:  Honor, a woman must receive to stay emotionally connected in marriage.
  • U:  Understanding, essential if a man is to understand the unique temperament, gifts, and abilities of his wife.
  • S:  Security, the key to a woman's spiritual connection to her husband.
  • B:  Building Unity, the constant job of the man so that the pressures of life do not destroy the marriage.
  • A:  Agreement, a system a man must establish and manage so that both husband and wife can enthusiastically support the decisions that are made.
  • N:  Nurture, a man must provide all that his wife needs to blossom as a person, mother, worker, friend, and wife.
  • D:  Defender, what the man must clearly become or his marriage, family, and life will be left unprotected and often destroyed.


Husbands and wives may want to go through this book, and God's Radical Plan for Wives by Gil and Dana Stieglitz, together. Becoming an avid student and supporter of your spouse is necessary for a great marriage and worth the investment. 


Available in paperback, ebook, and an an online course at

Becoming a Godly Husband

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