Life is like a video game.


We make choices and those choices make things happen. The choices that we made in the past decide what part of the game we are playing now. The exciting thing is that we can push "reset" and start the game over. We do not have to keep playing the game of life the way we always have. This book is a groundbreaking way to move beyond your past and into the bright future that God has planned for you.


The fact that you are looking at this workbook says that you want to start seeing different results in your life - peace, love, joy, calm, self-control, deeper relationships. If you like the way your life is going right now, then this workbook is not for you. If you like the anger, the fighting, the shallow relationships, the hatred, the loneliness, the selling of yourself cheaply, then keep going with what you are doing. But understand that God has allowed us to press the reset button and this book is a place to start from.


This book helps you:

  • Learn how to make different choices.
  • Know you can behave differently.
  • Know you can receive different results.
  • Know you are not stuck having the life that you have had.
  • Know why you do need to change strategies.


Strategies include letting go of ego and arrogance need to be replaced by teachability, self-awareness, and teamwork. Replacing strategies of bitterness, hatred, and vengeance by wisdom, forgiveness, and possibilities. If you have used anger as a weapon to get your way, then you cannot expect to have a calm and peaceful life. Become part of healthy, winning teams by ridding yourself of rebellion and defiance as a strategy to get your way. If we have used magic, spells, curses, and rituals to try and control others, then we end up being controlled ourselves by the very forces we sought to use. You can take back control of your life.


One of the most difficult things to do is to face our past. But if we are going to move forward and build a great future, we have to make sure that our actions, choices, and words in the past do not sabotage the present. This is a systematic way of clearing out the rubble of the past to begin to build the choices, character, and direction for a bright future. You will work through the areas that most often bring spiritual bondage and begin to practice a new kind of life through the power of Christ. This book is a workbook for a new future. It will take some of your time, but is well worth it.

Becoming Courageous: Facing Your Past and Building Your Future