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There are two paths to take...wisdom and foolishness. Each path yields completely different results. One leads to life, prosperity, blessing, and health. The other to death, pain, loss, and disease.Through the mouth of Solomon, God explains, motivates, and directs us to take the path of wisdom. It is the better path. It's the one that is good for us. It is the one that leads to blessing, hope, and vitality.


Breakfast with Solomon is a five-volume series that delves into the wisdom teachings of King Solomon. It takes the wisdom student from foolishness to wisdom over 3 1/2 years:


  • Volume 1 January - June of Year 1
  • Volume 2 July - December of Year 1
  • Volume 3 January - June Year 2
  • Volume 4 July - December Year 2
  • Volume 5 January - August Year 3


This is a training course, a daily devotion, and a journey through the times of Solomon about how to be wise today for a better life.

Volume 2 contains the Breakfast with Solomon Daily Devotions for Year 1: July - December from the book of Proverbs.


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Breakfast with Solomon Volume 2

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