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"... a cheat sheet to ace the Marriage Test." 

"... the short and dirty version of what it takes to have a marriage that is so great, other couples will stand up and notice—they might even call it 'ridiculous.'" 

It’s no secret that couples in great marriages do things differently than couples in bad ones. But what are those things and how do ordinary couples start doing them? Based on thousands of marriage counseling hours and personal experience, Gil Stieglitz spells out the 15 essential marital habits found in great marriages that aren’t found in doomed ones.

The goal for all married couples is to have a long, happy marriage filled with joy, and for the couple to feel complete, unified, and full of mutual love and respect for one another. In other words, a ridiculously great marriage. The marital and premarital habits in this book will help you get there. 

Building a Ridiculously Great Marriage is a real game-changer for premarital couples, struggling couples who want to fix their marriage, people considering remarriage, or couples who want practical marriage help now. It is a terrific resource for pastors, ministry leaders, counselors, and anyone who works with couples for premarital counseling and marriage counseling.


Available in paperback, ebook, and audio book!


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Building a Ridiculously Great Marriage

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