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Positive psychology is telling us what the Bible has said for 2,000 years. The keys to becoming a deeply happy person come down to 8 key qualities. Study after study shows that the happiest people...


  • Are grateful, teachable, and humble
  • Have processed their mistakes, wounds, pain, and losses
  • Have developed impulse control and use their emotions to fuel and enjoy life
  • Pursue their dreams and positive purpose with diligence
  • Are forgiving, non-judgmental and gracious
  • Think positive, beneficial, constructive thoughts rejecting unethical, and selfish thoughts
  • Savor each day, harmonize with the people around them and do not attack others
  • Set boundaries for themselves and others and sacrifice to protect those boundaries


The problem with the above list is that we don't believe the studies, and we don't really want any of these qualities. We still think that the key to happiness is money, power, popularity, and/or pleasure. But true, long-lasting happiness is from the inside out.


God knows that your ultimate joy and happiness will be in the development of the 8 qualities listed above so He constantly gives you opportunities to work on these qualities. It makes a big difference in the lives of people who begin cooperating with God on these qualities rather than fighting Him. Remember. the happiest people have the above qualities. Learn how you can get there.


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Deep Happiness: The 8 Secrets

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