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The Christian life is not an easy road. In today’s culture, it seems like a thousand voices tell us what to think, what to believe, who to follow, and what to do. As a pastor and counselor, Dr. Gil Stieglitz has had the privilege of talking with all kinds of people, who are either being drawn toward faith in Jesus Christ, or have stepped out in faith but have many questions. Foundations: Building a Solid Christian Life answers many of the most basic questions about living in dynamic connection with God. It delves into four foundational blocks for what it means to live the Christian life and how to interact with God through Jesus Christ.


Block 1: Jesus and the Christian Life

Who is Jesus Christ? What happens when a person first becomes a Christian? What are evidences of true conversion and salvation?


Block 2: Growing as a Follower of Christ

How does a Christian learn to follow Christ? What benefits come from being a disciple? What is baptism? How does a Christian think? How does Christianity answer the basic questions of life?


Block 3: The Wonder of the Church

What is the church and why is it so important? What does is contribute personally and to society as a whole? What are vital actions that only the church can take and what happens when it does?


Block 4: Finding and Living in the Will of God  

All people want a life of meaning, purpose, significance, and love. What does it mean to live in the center of God’s will and how do you find it? Why don’t people pursue God’s will to the fullest?


Foundations: Building a Solid Christian Life is perfect for the new believer or anyone with questions about the Christian faith. It can be experienced as a personal study or in a small group format. We recommend reading each chapter one after the other, like blocks that build upon one another. Each one is crucial to your growth and enjoyment of the Christian life. If you have been a Christian for a long time, or you are just taking a look at the Christian life, jump in and build a solid foundation for right thinking about the Christian faith.

Foundations: Building a Solid Christian Life

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