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In our post-modern world, women may assume many roles in their life—leader, employer, Christian, mother, volunteer, politician, and so on. Many choose to embrace the role of wife, but becoming a wife is more than just getting married. 


God tells us that the role of wife is to be in a position of immense power and influence for generations to come. Her influence can change people in positive directions, starting with her husband, then radiating out through her children and into the community. Today's society minimizes the role of the wife because of the suggestion that "wife" and "mother" are the only two roles women can play. Our hope is that the true power of the wife role will re-emerge as the force God intended.


We want to show you how to use the power of this role for God's glory, for the success of your husband, for the development of your marriage, and for meeting your own deepest relational needs. 


In God's Radical Plan for Wives, Gil and Dana Stieglitz explain the seven greatest needs of men by applying biblical principles and real-life stories. This book will challenge, convict, and inspire women for positive change in their marriage. It is perfect for individual or group study, especially when paired with God's Radical Plan for Wives Companion Bible Study by Jennifer Edwards. The lessons and exercises in these two books will teach you how to motivate your husband to be the best man possible, setting the stage to gently guide and instruct him toward meeting your needs. In a time when women are desperate to save their marriage, these two books are just what is needed.


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God's Radical Plan for Wives

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