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A 10-week course designed to ignite fresh hope into your marriage. 


This book helps a wife to become a student of her husband and shows her how she can powerfully impact, even save, her marriage, family, and life by following God's principles of marriage.


Written as a companion Bible study for God's Radical Plan for Wives by Gil and Dana Stieglitz, this study comes at a time when women are desperate to save their marriages.


Whether she is engaged, a newlywed, currently married, remarried, or even divorced, you will experience positive changes just by learning how to view your husband and your marriage from a godly perspective. Each chapter explains a different need intrinsic to husbands that, with a little insight and practice, can impact your marriage in ways you never thought possible. It will challenge, convict, and inspire you to step into the role of "wife" as God designed it. Perfect for individual or group study, the lessons and exercises will teach you to motivate your mate to be the best man, husband, and father possible, setting the stage to gently guide and instruct him toward meeting your needs. Featuring ten lessons with five days of homework per chapter, it includes both in-depth Bible study along with fun and easy application exercises to personalize your experience. Our hope is that you will take full advantage of this opportunity to better understand and appreciate your husband and the role you play in your marriage and family.


Required text: God's Radical Plan for Wives by Gil & Dana Stieglitz


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God's Radical Plan for Wives - Workbook

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